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How to Get Back to Working Out after a Break

2019-04-30T06:44:23-08:00April 30th, 2019|For Women, Health|

Would you rather listen to this article? Use the player below, download it, or use iTunes.  Getting back into a workout routine can seem more challenging than starting one for the first time. Depending on how long the break from working out was, the results you worked so hard to achieve may have diminished; the…

Survival, Bushcraft, and Emergency Preparedness | JOSH TYLER

2019-04-30T04:35:34-08:00April 30th, 2019|For Men|

Although the likelihood of us facing a life and death survival situation or natural disaster is lower than it has ever been, there is value in learning how to deal with these potentially devastating life events.Today, I am joined by my friend, MMA fighter and survivalist Josh Tyler to talk about his latest experience in…

Master Your Testosterone Levels | CHRISTOPHER WALKER

2019-04-16T15:59:06-08:00April 16th, 2019|For Men|

We all know that testosterone is one of the key hormones that drives much of our masculine behavior. What you may not know is that testosterone levels are trending downward for men of all ages. While those who see lower testosterone levels in themselves are racing towards testosterone replacement therapy, there are many natural ways…

Twelve-Week Battle Planner

2019-04-16T00:39:41-08:00April 16th, 2019|For Men|

Introducing the new Twelve-Week Battle Planner designed to help you accomplish big objectives in each of the four quadrants of your life: Calibration, Connection, Condition, and Contribution. Inside the pages of this planning tool, you’ll find a simple and easy-to-use template for articulating your future vision for yourself, identifying your life’s objectives, narrowing down to…

Initiate the Boys or They’ll Burn Down the Village

2019-04-12T03:35:57-08:00April 12th, 2019|For Men|

PODCAST TRANSCRIPTION It’s extremely important that we initiate our boys into manhood. Yes, they’re going to become males but that doesn’t mean they’re going to become men. There is a distinction. For our boys to become men, they have to be ushered and initiated into manhood. So, I’m going to give you seven very specific…

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