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Anyone who has tried to improve their eating and workout habits knows what it feels like to become overwhelmed by the abundance of information, all the possible workout and diet options, and all the conflicting information.

Sometimes food and fitness can feel annoyingly complicated.

To uncomplicate the way you eat and work out, and bring some sanity back into food and fitness, here are 24 tips that will not only simplify health and fitness but even, perhaps, help you get more benefits from it.

1. There are no women’s-specific protein powders or the like. Slapping a “made for women” claim on a product label usually means one thing: a higher price tag than the equivalent product not marketed directly at women. Protein is protein; creatine is creatine; women don’t need any extras — like BCAAs, antioxidants, vitamins — added to it to make it “just for them.” Like to use protein powder for convenience? Then stick to a high-quality protein powder, like whey.

2. Something is always better than nothing. When time to work out is limited, or you’d simply rather spend more time focusing on activities outside the gym, you can still reap benefits from twice-weekly strength training workouts, or three workouts that can be completed in around 30 minutes (just know how to make these short workouts more effective). Don’t succumb to the not-enough-time trap; make the most of the time you have and focus on doing what you can.

3. Instead of thinking I need to eat less junk food and similar avoidance-based declarations,

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