Meet The Founders

The First Step to Better Health is the Hardest!

Who is Triple F Athletics?

Triple F Athletics is a women owned and operated, local, small business. Located in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. We have created this brand in order to help others feel the best they can while they exercise. We strive to serve men and women of all ages and athletic abilities in improving and achieving their health and lifestyle choices while in comfort. We believe that health comes from the inside out, and with so many social pressures and stress that everyone faces it’s important to support each other. We are 100% on board with providing comfortable, stylish athletic wear to men and women of all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. We value your feedback regarding our merchandise, and what we can do to serve you best.  Our customers are our number one priority and we strive to help everyone feel confident and comfortable wearing our clothing.

Sarah – Founder & CEO

Sarah began her weight loss journey to better health in 2016, since then she has shed over 100 lbs and is passionate about helping others feel empowered to improve their health. The transformation Sarah made has not only been physical, but emotional and mental as well. Self-love and compassion are her focus, and sharing these values with those who have struggled with self-image and/or mental health as well as weight are her passion. Sarah strives to help everyone feel confident and motivated to reach their fitness goals, no matter where they are at in their journey. She’s been there and done that so she can with all honesty say she truly understands the struggles many of you face. Sarah’s goal is to reach out with the message of positivity and self-love that Triple F Athletics strives to embody to help you find your true inner self.

Tania – Founder & COO

Tania spent most of her life at a seemingly “healthy” body weight. Despite the outward appearance of physical health, Tania struggled with proper nutrition, alcohol consumption and smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. In 2011, Tania quit smoking and although that was a proud moment after smoking for 18 years she still wasn’t happy.  In 2014 she knew that she wanted to get in better shape and change her lifestyle.  She was able to manage her harmful drinking sprees and finally in 2017 started to make the changes she needed to lead her to a physically healthier life. The changes that she saw in herself were outstanding, her skin improved, she trimmed down her mid-section with nutritional choices and exercise and she began to feel like she was finally living life the way she imagined. Through this experience, Tania recognizes that despite how a person looks, they may or may not actually be living a healthy lifestyle physically or mentally. She believes every person deserves to look and feel their best and that it is possible to make positive lifestyle changes and sustain them. Tania is passionate about sharing her experiences with men and women, to encourage and inspire them to achieve their goals.