If you’re anything like me, you are probably totally confused and overwhelmed about how to find the right person to help you reach your fitness goals. Here is a basic list of things I found helpful when I began the task of finding a trainer.  

Have a realistic goal in mind: 

A trainer is only going to be able to help you if you know what you are striving to achieve. Maybe this means simply getting up and walking. Whatever your personal goal is, it should be something attainable and in line wit your current level of fitness. Setting a goal that is realistic not only improves morale, it also helps you see what you are capable of.  Starting a healthy lifestyle is exciting, and can seem a little daunting at first, but your goals should never feel unattainable! A personal trainer is there to educate, motivate and also help hold you accountable. A good trainer will listen to you and help customize a plan that’s made for you! No one, cookie cutter routine will work for every body. Make sure the trainer you choose is willing to LISTEN and guide you, work with you and be your cheerleader.  


Understand that nutrition is about 80% of the battle! If you eat like crap, your body will not sufficiently burn fat and you will not get the results you want. Any good trainer is going to ask you about your nutrition. Be honest with them! If you are eating fast food daily, tell them. They will not judge you, this will give them an idea of where you are at with your current diet and what needs to improve. Be willing to change your diet and relationship with food. We all eat food that isn’t “healthy” some of the time but moderation is key. A good trainer will help you understand basic nutrition and macros to help you reach your goal.  

Cost and budget: 

You get what you pay for…yes, the old adage is true! A “cheap” trainer may not give you the results you want, the time or energy you need, or be qualified to train you. Find a certified professional who is equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide you. Better yet, find a certified personal trainer that comes recommended from a trusted friend or family member. Have a look at their results and see if their results make sense for your goals.  

Last but not least: 

Over all, remember your trainer works for you! If its not working out with the person you are being trained by now, keep shopping around. Any good trainer will understand that reaching your goal is number one and training with a person who meshes well with you is important. That being said, if you feel your trainer is being too “pushy” understand that this is part of their job. You needed someone to motivate you and push you to help you improve and reach your goal.  

Happy training!