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Getting back into a workout routine can seem more challenging than starting one for the first time.

Depending on how long the break from working out was, the results you worked so hard to achieve may have diminished; the momentum you built may have vanished. Rather than having “nowhere to go but up” like when you started working out the first time, it feels like you’re starting from a point of regression, and this can be frustrating.

But it doesn’t need to be.

Whether you’ve missed a week, a month, or several months of workouts doesn’t matter. This is where you are now, and what other choice do you have but to move forward?

How to Get Back to Working Out after a Break: Step 1

Don’t lament the situation. Don’t concern yourself with any results that have diminished. Don’t engage in self-flagellation. Don’t experience guilt for skipping a few workouts or even “letting yourself go.” This is not some dire situation worthy of your pity or frustration and there’s no need to catastrophize it. Heaping on guilt or frustration won’t help you get back into working out.

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Life happened, you missed workouts, and you’re here now, ready to take the next step. That is all that matters. So shake off any sense of guilt or frustration and get to work.

How to Get Back to Working After a One-Week Break

If you were working out regularly for months and then missed a week of workouts due to illness,

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