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Whatever the reason you want to learn to lift — lose weight, build a better-looking body, get strong, forge greater self-confidence, complement your sport, improve your health, to be able to outrun fellow Homo Sapiens should a zombie outbreak occur — you’re in the right place.

Depending on what you’ve read or previously been told about strength training, the information here may surprise you. In fact, I hope it does.

Many have succumbed to misinformation that has prevented them from wanting to strength train or that has made it appear to be a complicated, dangerous, time-consuming activity. Even worse, some have lifted weights before and either didn’t enjoy the experience or developed lingering aches and pains; sometimes this is attributed to preventable mistakes, some of which are addressed here.

But you’re here now. While this article won’t reveal how to capture the elusive perfect booty selfie, it will get you started on an incredible strength training journey. As you’ll see, when learning to lift, there are few key principles that matter immensely, and an abundance of stuff that doesn’t matter; this “stuff” is either incorrect or nothing more than a distraction.

Learn to Lift: Things That Matter

There are lots of things you could do, but only a few you must do to get the most out of your learning-to-lift journey.

Start immediately. Seeking more information and searching for the “perfect” routine is a common, and costly, mistake; it wastes time that could be spent doing what must be done to achieve results.

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