As I was poking around on social media, the news, and the media, I’m seeing this disturbing trend. I think you guys probably have recognized it as well, and it’s this race to the bottom. It’s this pathetic attempt to make ourselves the victim of every circumstance, and every interaction, and every person, and every government, and every institution, and our old employer, and our old girlfriend, or whoever, or our parents, or our upbringing, or the president, or the economy. We make ourselves the victim of these circumstances, and what we ended up doing is undermining our own ability to improve, and thrive, and grow, and expand, and excel, and really be all that we’re capable of being. I cannot understand, for the life of me, why so many men feel like they want to play the victim, feel like that somehow there’s virtue in it, that it’s virtuous to be the victim. All of us have been a victim probably at some point. So, I’m going to talk a little bit about it, and how you can overcome it.

Overcoming challenges, and overcoming trials, and obstacles, and hurdles, and barriers, and the things that get in our way, that is virtuous because that requires commitment, and sacrifice, and dedication, and all of the things that you as a man are trying to improve upon in your life. So, we’re racing to the bottom. We’re not acting virtuously, it’s the antithesis of virtue. You should be climbing out of the hole that you have found yourself in and maybe, more accurately, dug yourself into. It’s your responsibility to dig yourself out. You got yourself there. Now, dig yourself out. That is virtuous, and not only is it virtuous, but it’s also going to help you accomplish what you want to accomplish because as you’re crawling your way out of the hole,

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