I talk with a lot of men who don’t think they can make a difference. Yes, they have big aspirations for themselves and others, but they feel like the odds are stacked against them in achieving their goals.

The reality is that just isn’t the case. And, today, I am joined by my good friend, Anthony Waite, to show you what is possible when one man puts his heart, mind, and hands into the work required to lifting others up. We talk about managing expectations, finding congruency with work and home life, avoiding burnout, and how one man can make a difference.

“My actions weren’t aligned with the man I wanted to be. When things didn’t go my way, I’d blow up. I’d end up acting before actually thinking about who I wanted to be as a man.” Tweet That— Anthony Waite

Anthony Waite

One Man Can Make a Difference| ANTHONY WAITEGents, today I am joined by my good friend and someone who has been with us inside the Iron Council for the last three years.

He is an officer in the Navy and, as you’ll hear in our conversation, a man who is extremely impactful not only in his career but in his community as well. I’ve been so impressed with this man’s growth over the past several years and as much as he’s learned from and been inspired by the Order of Man mission, I’ve been inspired and uplifted by him.

This is the caliber of men we have in the Iron Council. I’m honored to be able to introduce him to you.

“In life, you don’t get what you want, you get who you are.” Tweet That— Anthony Waite

Show Highlights

  • A band of brothers
  • Returning from deployment
  • Managing expectations as a leader
  • The importance of a father figure
  • Cutting ties
  • Finding truth in your current reality
  • Self-reflection
  • Physical and mental challenges
  • The power in forgiveness
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Answering the question “why me?”
  • How to be a R.E.A.L.

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