Everyone knows the adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” And, as overly-simplistic as it may be, there is a lot of truth to that for a lot of different reasons.

Today, I am joined by Ken Coleman, author of the Proximity Principle to talk about how true that statement is and to break it down for us even further We talk about finding the right people and being in the right places, overcoming the limiting beliefs fueled by pride and fear, building an expansive web of the right connections, and how to utilize the “Proximity Principle” to get ahead.

“There will be times when passion is out of balance. As you continue to pursue significance and purpose, the percentages change but it takes time.” Tweet That— Ken Coleman

Ken Coleman

The Power of Proximity | KEN COLEMAN

My guest today is Ken Coleman. Now, I’ll admit, I hadn’t been familiar with his work until Ramsey Solutions reached out to me about his new book, Proximity Principle, but after doing some research and learning more about him, I truly understand how well this guy knows his stuff and how powerful a resource he can be for any man who is trying to get ahead in his career and build something meaningful and significant in his life.

Ken is an author, a career expert, and a member of Ramsey Solutions where he frequently co-hosts the Dave Ramsey Show.

I really enjoyed this conversation and I have no doubt you will too. And, more importantly, I know you’ll get a ton out of it.


“Look for someone who has the heart of a teacher, the ability to teach and the desire to teach you.” Tweet That— Ken Coleman

Show Highlights

  • Our intrinsic need to provide
  • Passion versus provision
  • The emotional journey
  • Bone-crushing doubt
  • Weathering the storms of life
  • The Discovery Process
  • Applying the Proximity Effect
  • Stepping into objectivity
  • Silencing fear
  • Finding the right people
  • The value of humility
  • The first bold step

“Compare yourself only to you of yesterday.

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