Today’s podcast is a very important topic, which is your redemption story. When I say that, what I’m talking about is your ability to redeem yourself. I know a lot of guys who have had very difficult situations because I talk with these guys on a daily basis. I get messages and emails and texts from guys who are going through divorces, and that are going through separations, and maybe they lost their job, or they’re dealing with something with a health issue or medical condition. What I see a lot of these men doing is they’re living in this perpetual state of discomfort and misery. What I want to let you know is that when these bad things happen, when these negative situations come up, or we have these obstacles and hurdles that we need to address, they’re only meant to be temporary. Yet so many men operate from a position of that this is just their destiny and this is their way of life and they can’t ever seem to redeem themselves.

The reason this thought came to me is that as I was wrapping up my oldest son’s baseball season a couple of weeks ago, there was a pop fly hit to our left fielder, just a regular pop fly, nothing out of the ordinary. Should have been caught, no problem, the inning should have been over, and we should have gone on to win the game. This batter hits a pop fly, my son happened to be pitching, hits a pop fly to left field, and our left fielder doesn’t field it well and ends up missing the play. He was upset. He was in his head about it, and it got to him.

We finished out the inning and I pulled him aside in between innings,

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